Contract Advantage™ by Great Minds Software

Great Minds Software (GMS) created Contract Advantage™ Web as an effective contract management software to track contract details, terms and conditions, parties involved, deliverable (Action) due dates and related documents.  Information is always at your fingertips beginning at contract negotiation, through execution and ultimately to expiration or renewal—cradle to grave. By using our system for contract management, you are able to manage your contracts successfully to ensure compliance and thereby effectively reduce risk.

Contract Management & Tracking System the way you want it!

You decide what you want to track and what you wish to call it.  Modules and features can be activated or concealed.  Most fields can be hidden or displayed at will and can be renamed by you to suit the way you operate.  This can be done globally, by Contract Type or by individual Contract Record.

Contract Advantage Is Flexible

Contract Advantage Web lets you decide how detailed or complex your contract management automation will be.  You may want “cradle-to-grave” management features, or perhaps you only need the contracting phase to be managed, or just the operational phase.  You can rename fields and labels—and you can tailor each contract to show only the pages and fields that are needed for that contract.  Our contract management software also enables you to add new pages and fields as needed, create your own reports and import and export data.

Contract Management as a Purchase or as a Service

GMS offers the contract management system for purchase installed behind your firewall or hosted at our site as a service.  There are two types of users and they are priced differently:

  1. Full Edit Users – those users can make changes to the contract management system and who can be Administrators.
  2. View Only Users – those users that can ONLY read the data, produce reports and participate in Workflow.

♦  Contract Advantage as a Purchase

The Web system may be purchased on a Concurrent User or Named User basis for installation behind your firewall.  Installation System Requirements are available by clicking on this link.

♦  Contract Advantage as Software as a Service (SaaS)

The Web system may be obtained as a Service and be hosted by GMS.  User types and pricing will vary.  We can offer several types of additional Security.  A sales representative can explain the options and related costs to you.

Contract Advantage Web Information and Demonstrations

A sales representative can provide answers to your specific requirements and demonstrate how Contract Advantage can meet them over the Internet at a date and time convenient to you.  Contact us for more information or to schedule a personalized demo for you and your team by clicking on this link.